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เป้าล่อมือ หนังแท้ (PUNCH MITT(NORMAL SIZE) นิ้วตัด แบบโค้ง PMC001

฿ 2,300.00


เป้าล่อมือ หนังแท้ (PUNCH MITT(NORMAL SIZE) นิ้วตัด แบบโค้ง
SKU : PMC001

Ideal for taking in jabs, straight shots, hooks, uppercuts, angled shots, overhands and more. Awesome curved design is more anatomically correct for user and coach. New hook-and-loop wrist attachment with D-ring secures snug to wrist and hands. Now with almost 3″ of special contoured shock-absorbing padding, back finger cover, wrist padding on front and back and moisture wicking lining for cool and comfortable wear. Black leather design with Platinum accents and target circle.
> Durable punching mitts from leading boxing gear maker S1
> Help boxers sharpen their technique
> Made of durable, premium leather for long lasting durability and functionality
> Feature improved design to increase functionality by including full glove backing
> technology features vertically-oriented, foam-plated wrist construction that stabilizes and prevents hyperflexion upon impact.
> Moisture-absorbing and anti-microbial treatment prevents offensive odours, keeping your products smelling fresh.
> Enhanced mesh backing improves breathability and comfort.
> Sold singularly.