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เชือกกระโดดแบบสายยาง (PLASTIC HEAVY ROPES) R001

฿ 150.00

เชือกกระโดดแบบสายยาง (PLASTIC HEAVY ROPES)
SKU : R001

> Made of plastic heavy
> Precision ball bearing for extra speed
> Contoured and polished wood handles
> One-year warranty
> Imported from Thailand.
> Tube length: 8′ 4″ plus 5″ handle.
> With ball bearing.
> This rope is evil. It has a very heavy PVC cable that will build stamina and strength. Double-unders on this are not impossible, just not very smart! This beast get’s it’s name from the traditional jump ropes found in every Muay Thai gym throughout Thailand.
> Recommend use on rubber or nonabrasive surface
> One size fits most.